• Navigate and click on Smart Slider tab as show below.
  • Click on green GO TO DASHBOARD button.
  • Click on marked below project/ click on green EDIT button.
  • To edit sliders like changing slider image or text, click on the slider as shown below.
  • To edit slider texts, just click on the text you want to edit and the editor box will pop up.
  • Re-edit the texts on the editor and then close it by clicking on the X icon at the top right side of the editor.
  • Save your changes by clicking on green SAVE button as shown below.
  • To change slider image, click on image and image editor will pop up.
  • Click on green add button as shown below.
  • You can select an image from Media Library or Upload a new image by clicking on the Upload Files tab and then Select Files button.
  • After selecting image of your choice as shown below.
  • Click on blue Select button.
  • Remember to click on green SAVE button to save your changes.
  • To change the slider background, click anywhere on the slider’s background as indicated below.
  • On pop up editor click on STYLE tab as shown below.
  • Now you can select the slider’s background colors or background image of your choice.
  • To select the background image, click on the add button as indicated below.
  • To use colors as your slider background, click on the color-chooser section as shown below.
  • When you are done choosing your background image/color, close the editor by clicking the X icon on the upper right side of the editor.
  • When you are done editing your slider and Saving your changes, click on the grey BACK button.
  • Repeat the above processes of editing slider to all other sliders.

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