• Navigate and click on Jetpack tab as shown below.
  • Scroll downwards and click on Manage site connection link.
  • A new window will pop up, navigate downwards, and click on the red Disconnect button.
  • Next click on the blue Set up Jetpack button.
  • Click on Switch account link as shown below.
  • New window will pop up, scroll downwards, and click on Create a new account button as shown below.
  • On creating an account page, you can decide to fill in your Email and Password in respective text fields and then click on green Create your account button. OR…
  • Another option, you can create your account by clicking Continue with Google button.
  • After your account is successfully created, you will land on Explore our Jetpack plans page. Scroll downwards and click on Start with free button as shown below.
  • Now your site is successfully connected to WordPress and various website functionalities like- subscription, social media links at the footer widgets, site stats, commenting section in the posts, and many more are now active.

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