• After successfully logging into your website, you will land on WP Dashboard page as shown below.
  • First, make changes on the Username Changer plugin by clicking on the Settings tab as shown below.
  • Then click on Username Changer.
  • Make sure you select Allowed Roles select boxes as shown below.
  • Select Enable Email Notifications select box as shown below.
  • Finally click on Save Changes button as shown below.

Now lets Change username and password.

  • Click on Users tab on your left as shown in the image below.
  • Then click on Your Profile tab as shown below.
  • After landing on your profile page as shown below.
  • Click on Change Username link
  • Type in your preferred username in the Username text field as shown below.
  • And then click on the Save Username button.
  • After saving your username, click on Click here to log back in as shown below so that you can log in to your website using a new Username.

Note: You can decide to maintain the admin username if changing to a new username isn’t necessary to you.

  • To change password click on the Generate Password button.
  • Type in your new preferred password in the New Password text field as shown below.

NOTE: Make sure your password as a combination of upper case characters, lower case characters, numbers, and special characters. Your password must have more than 8 characters. Remember to save your password for future use.

  • Click on Update Profile button for your new password to be effective.

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