users menu
  • Navigate and click on Users menu as shown above.
  • This is where you’ll create new users as well as edit current users’ profiles, access privileges and login information — including your own.

Add a User

  • To add a new user, click “Add New” and fill in the following details:
  • The only fields that are required are their Username (make sure it’s never “admin”) and Email Address.
  • Make sure to customize their user role before you add them to the system:
  • This will dictate how much of the WordPress admin backend they can see and what sort of editing controls (if any) they have.

Edit a User Profile

  • Click on Your Profile menu.
  • Even if you’re the only person working on your website, it’s still a good idea to visit your user profile and make sure it’s up to date.
  • This is what you’ll see when editing your own profile:
  • The only thing you might want to customize in this section is the color scheme of the WordPress admin area. Otherwise, scroll down and start to fill in your profile details.
  • This might not seem like a big deal right now, but if you decide to blog, this is where your biographical info will be pulled from (and the same for other users).
  • One final thing to make note of is the Account Management section:
  • If you ever want to change your password (which is a good thing to do at least a couple of times a year), do so here.
  • What’s nice about this is that WordPress helps you generate stronger passwords (and will encourage your other users to do so as well):
  • Make sure you’ve created a strong password here — with or without the tool — that includes lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

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